This exciting DVD Series includes a journal of the trails you can explore in America’s National Parks, state parks, national forest, state forest and other historic places across the country. Trail notes are included so you can plan your own adventure to any one of these unforgettable places. The trail notes also list other activities, for example, hiking, biking, fishing, scenic driving, etc. Includes entertaining music. Each DVD is $19.95, plus $2.00 shipping, but you can get free shipping when you use the link at the bottom of the page to buy all four at once.

As enjoyable to own as it is to give.

REFLECTIONS OF AMERICA – NORTHEAST  $19.95 + 2.00 shipping

Join us as we travel from Virginia north thru Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York,Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. Also included in this section is Indiana. Most of our stops are in National Parks and Forest or State Parks and Forests. We have included details about the trails and how to go there yourself. So sit back and do a little dreamin’. 



Travel with us to the rugged beauty of the Northwest as we explore Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.  Ride with us among snow capped mountains and lush mountain valleys. Camp where the Nez Perce Indians crossed the rugged mountains to escape the US Calvary. Take a scenic tour of America’s beauty captured by our pictures. Enjoy!


Join up with us as we travel to the Southeast. Our travels take us to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Here we visit National Parks and Forest or State Parks and Forests. Enjoy pictures of our country’s National Treasures and you will soon be in the trip planning mood!


Travel with us as we explore the Southwest, riding through canyons and over mountains that will reward you with countless memories. Trails wind skyward to the ridge tops offering panoramic views of the canyons below. Go with us as we visit New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and California. Enjoy pictures that tickle the senses!

 FREE shipping when you buy all four at once!!                                                  Limited Time Offer – $69.95 for all four

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4 thoughts on “TRAVEL DVDS

  1. Just catching up with emails missed while we were away. Your website looks great! I will be ordering a set of dvds when I get settled in after a 12 day trip up to Vermont and Massachusetts. Looking forward to catching up with you this winter.

  2. Your DVDs are great! They are very informative and professional! I have enjoyed them so much! They will be great for planning a trip and just to watch to see the beauty of our country!

  3. Hope your doing well. We have enjoyed our Reflections of America CD. Our first one is on the South East. Look forward to viewing other CD’s about your wonderful places you have explored. Thanks for putting these CD’s together for all to enjoy!
    Debbie and Darryl

  4. Hi Bobbie and Larry, great to meet at the USERL expo Saturday! First add us to your newsletter, and then send me what you want (if I can) put more than just your website on my links page. If you email me then I’ll send you my stuff to reciprocal link.

    Defiantly planning a trip next spring, thanks for the nudge. We’ll talk soon! Shelby and Dan “Serious Trail Gear for the Serious Trail Rider”.

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